IOD aims to help the lost sheep to manifest God’s presence through Jesus Christ in this world:

Inspired by the traditions of social outreach and community upliftment set by our forefathers, IOD is committed to unceasingly render a helping hand to those in need.
The organization supports community projects of the Church by means of financial aid and voluntary participation. Equity in society is a dream which IOD strives for as we work along with policy makers and influencers to help marginalized sections of society.
IOD has been in the forefront of initiating social service mission trips to Shantigram Mission at Mandawar, Haryana. It continues support for charity initiatives outside the Diocese as well.

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As part of the Service initiative, the IOD initially began conducting counselling workshops (family, marriage, drugs, sexuality, career etc). Today, the Diocese has taken over the initiative by organizing Pre-Marital counselling for prospective brides and grooms. The IOD collaborates with the Pre-Marital Counselling Department of Delhi Diocese to organize Couples Fellowship for Christian families.