Next Step


EDUCATION: What can we do to ensure that the children in our parish receive the best opportunities in education and in being equipped to be leaders in society and effective servants of Christ in our Church and Country. Whether it is school admissions or private coaching, public competitions, sports events or Bible teaching camps, can we make a difference for our children.

HEALTHCARE AND PERSONAL CRISIS: Need to establish a centre in each of our parishes where anyone in need of healthcare and financial  can directly contact for support or advice. Will our concern for one another go beyond the meeting at the Sunday Qurbana and  be sensitive to the needs of the vulnerable sections amongst us such as the elderly. This is to be extended to the non-Christian communities in our neighbourhood to whom we can be the good neighbour.

CAREER COUNSELLING: Provide career counselling, employment support and mutual fellowship for our people to enable them to be effective in their job functions and witnesses in their places of work.

NATIONAL CONCERNS: We Christians and His people have to play a positive role in national issues relating to justice and truth, stand against discrimination based on unfair grounds, environment and national policy issues.