Couples Fellowship

IOD has played a lead role in welcoming new members of different faiths to help them grow in our faith. Through Couples Fellowship. IOD gives a rare opportunity to inter-cultural couples (those married into the Church from other faiths) to meet the Diocesan Metropolitan, over tea at the Diocesan centre. It has been felt by the Church to give special attention and care to the young couples in the diocese who need perpetual guidance and participation in worship to effectively lead families. IOD which comprises mostly of the second and third generation Diaspora youngsters have greatly benefitted by the annual Couples’ Fellowship held in the diocese under the aegis of the IOD. 

Working in close coordination with the counseling department of the diocese, the annual coming together of couples from across the diocese is a day of cheer and open discussions and more importantly for the young couples to interact with the Diocesan Metropolitan.

Special emphasis is given to welcome and involve couples with inter-cultural background. The proceedings of the Fellowship are carried out in a language which is easy for everyone to understand and participate. IOD also organizes special sessions with practicing counsellors and family relationship experts for leading the couples to understand things in better perspective.